ASTM B381 Titanium Open Die Forging Products Bar Block Tube Sheet

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: VANFORGE
Certification: ISO9001, ISO10012, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, ABS, BV, DNV, Lloyd, NK, PED
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 500 kg
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Seaworthy package for export
Delivery Time: 45 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 5000 tons per month

Detail Information

Material: Carbon Steels, Alloy Steels, Stainless Steel Process: Forged And Machined
Treatment: Quenched And Tempered Surface: Rough Machined, And Finish Machined
Application: Machinery Feature: High Strength
High Light:

rolled steel rings


ring rolling products

Product Description

ASTM B381 titanium open die forgings forged titanium bar block tube sheet
Vanforge is a supplier of open die forgings, seamless rolled rings, and contoured rolled rings up to 200"/5080mm outside diameter. Forging shapes include discs, hubs, blocks, shafts (including step shafts or with flanges), sleeves, cylinders, flats, hexes, rounds, plate, and some custom shapes. Forgings can be produced as finished size, finished size rough machined, forged size, forged size rough machined, as forged size, or as forged size with allowance to finish to your finish size. Seamless rolled rings and contoured rings are produced to save on material and machining costs.
Process: Open die forging, seamless ring rolling
Shape: Sleeve, bushing, tube, cylinder, shaft, gear blank, wheel, block, ring
Material: Alloy steel; Aluminum; Copper base; Stainless steel; Titanium; Super alloys; Nickel alloys; Carbon steel
Secondary process: Machining; Heat treatment; Stress relieving; Finishing; Painting; Cutting
Services: CAD, CAM support, testing and inspection
Quality assurance:
Destructive tests
Chemical analysis / PMI (positive material identification)
Tensile test at room temperature or hot tensile tests
Hardness test
Impact test until -196 C
Corrosion test
Dimensional and visual control
Ultrasonic test
Magnetic particle test
Dye penetrant test
Vanforge offers an integral service by including the following in its value chain:
Technical advice prior to ordering
A full list of operations in the value chain
Customized packaging project
Transport up to the delivery point
Reliable forging and molding process
All the heat treatments required by the customers, with the highest quality standards
+N (Normalizing)
+T (Tempering)
+QT (Quenching and tempering)
+AT (Solution annealing)
+A (Annealing)
+FP or +N+T (Normalizing and tempering)
Solution and precipitation hardening
Stress relief
Material grades
Carbon steels

American Standards
A105, A181 Class 60, A266 Grade 1, A266 Grade 2, A266 Grade 3, A266 Grade 4, A290 Grade 1 Class A, A350 LF2 Class 1, A350 LF2 Class 2, A36, A504 Class L, A516 Grade 60, A551 Class A, A668 Class E, A668 Class F, A668 Class J, A694 F52, A694 F60, A694 F65ASTM A36/A36M, ASTM A105/A105M, ASTM A181/A181M, ASTM A266/A266M, ASTM A290/A290M, ASTM A350/A350M, ASTM A504/A504M, ASTM A516/A516M, ASTM A551/A551M, ASTM A668/A668M, ASTM A694/A694M
AISI 1040, AISI 1045AISI A1040, SAE J 403
SA-105, SA-181 Grade 60, SA-266 Grade 1, SA-266 Grade 2, SA-266 Grade 3, SA-266 Grade 4, SA-350 LF2 Class 1, SA-350 LF2 Class 2, SA-516 Grade 70, SA-765 Grade 4ASME SA-105/SA-105M ASME SA-181/SA-181M ASME SA-266/SA-266M ASME SA-350/SA-350M ASME SA-516/SA-516M ASME SA-765/SA-765M


European Standards
20Mn5, 28Mn6, C10, C22, C22E , C25, C25E, C35, C35E, C40, C40E, C45, C45E, C50, C50E, C55, C55E, C60, C60E, E335, E360, P235GH, P245GH, P250GH, P265GH, P280GH, P285QH, P295GH, P305GH, P355GH, P355N, P355NH, P355NL1, P355NL2, P355QH, P355QH1, P420QH, P460Q, P460QH, P500, P500QH, P500QL1, P500QL2, S235J0, S235J2, S235J2G3, S235JR, S235JRG2, S275J2, S275J0, S275JR, S275N, S275NL, S355G7, S355G8, S355G9, S355G10, S355G12, S355J0, S355J0H, S355J2, S355J2G3, S355J2H, S355JR, S355K2, S355N, S355NL, S420N, S420NL, S460N Mod., S460Q, S460QL, S460QL1, S500QLEN 10025-2, EN 10025-3, EN 10025-6, EN 10028-2, EN 10028-3, EN 10028-6, EN 10083-2, EN 10210-1, EN 10222-2, EN 10222-4, EN 10225 EN 10250-2, EN 10250-3, EN 10250-6, EN 10273, EN 10277-2,

Alloy steels

American Standards
A182 F1, A182 F11 Class 1, A182 F12 Class 2, A182 F22 Class 1, A182 F22 Class 3, A322 4340, A668 Class J, A668 Class L, A694 F60, A694 F65, A694 F70ASTM A182/A182M, ASTM A322, ASTM A668/A688M, ASTM A694/A694M
AISI 4130, SAE 4140, SAE 4145, SAE 4150, SAE 4330V, AISI 4340AISI A 322, SAE AMS 6473 A, SAE J 404
SA-182 F11 Class 1, SA-182 F11 Class 2, SA-336 F1, SA-336 F11 Class 2, SA-336 F11 Class 3, SA-336 F22 Class 3ASME SA-182/SA-182M, ASME SA-336/SA-336M


European Standards
16Mo3, 11CrMo9-10, 13CrMo4-5, 14CrMoV6.9, 16MnCr5, 18CrMiMo7.6, 18CrMo4, 20MnCr5, 21CrMoNiV4-7, 25CrMo4, 30CrMoV9, 30CrNiMo8, 31CrMo12, 31CrMoV9, 32CrMo12, 34CrMo4, 34CrNiMo6, 42CrMo4, 42CrMo4 Mod., 42CrMo4 NIC, 43CrMo4, 43CrMo4.6, 50CrMo4, 60CrMo3-3, 100CrMnSi6-4, S500Q, S500QL, S500QL1, S690Q, S690QL, S690QL1EN 10025-6, EN10083-3, EN 10084, EN 10085, EN 10089, EN 10222-2, EN 10250-2, EN 10250-3, EN ISO 683-17, EN ISO 683-17
708M40, 709M40, 722M24, 817M40, 826M40B.S. PD 970

Stainless steels

American Standards
A176 Type 420 , A182 F6a Class 2, A182 F51, A182 F304, A182 F304L, A182 F316, A182 F316L, A182 F321, A240 S31803, A240 Type 304LASTM A176/A176M, ASTM A182/A182M, ASTM A240/A240M
304 H, AISI 304, AISI 316L, AISI 410, AISI 420, AISI 431AISI A 473, AISI A176/A176M, AISI A182/A182M, SAE J 405
SA-182 F51, SA-182 F304, SA-182 F304L, SA-182 F316, SA-182 F316L, SA-182 F321, SA-240 316L, SA-240 Type 304L, SA-479 316L, SA-965 F304L, SA-965 F316L, SA-965 S30403ASME SA-182/SA-182M, ASME SA-240/SA-240M, ASME SA-479/SA-479M, ASME SA-965/SA-965M


European Standards
X2CrNi18-9, X2CrNiMo17-12-2, X2CrNiMoN22-5-3, X3CrNiMo13-4, X4CrNiMo16-5-1, X5CrNi18-10, X5CrNiMo17-12-2, X6CrNiTi18-10, X8CrNiTi18-10, X10CrMoVNb9-1, X12Cr13, X12CrMoWVNbN10-1-1, X17CrNi16-2, X20Cr13, X22CrMoV12-1, X30Cr13EN 10028-7, EN 10088-1, EN 10088-3, EN 10222-2, EN 10222-5, EN 10250-4


Alloy 625 (Inconel 625)ASTM B564 (N06625), AMS 5666
Alloy 825 (Inconel 718)ASTM B637 (N07718), AMS 5662, AMS 5663, API 6A 718


Ti 6-4 (Titanium grade 5)ASTM B381 (R56400), AMS 4928

Weight of single forged piece: 50 kg (by forging hammer) – 50,000 kg (by hydraulic forging press)
Outside diameter of seamless rolling ring: 500 mm – 5080 mm


45MN forging press

ASTM B381 Titanium Open Die Forging Products Bar Block Tube Sheet 0


Forging hammers

ASTM B381 Titanium Open Die Forging Products Bar Block Tube Sheet 1


Finished products

ASTM B381 Titanium Open Die Forging Products Bar Block Tube Sheet 2


Quality assurance

ASTM B381 Titanium Open Die Forging Products Bar Block Tube Sheet 3


ASTM B381 Titanium Open Die Forging Products Bar Block Tube Sheet 4


ASTM B381 Titanium Open Die Forging Products Bar Block Tube Sheet 5

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